Crystal Caves Hits Print

Kristine Grayson here: I’ve been so busy finishing up two major projects before I teach the mystery workshop next week that I almost forgot to tell you my big news! Crystal Caves, the second book in the Interim Fates series, just appeared today. A writer shouldn’t love one baby more than her others, but I […]

Tiffany Tumbles: Book One in the Interim Fates Series

Remember the Interim Fates, those teenage girls who had no business being in charge of the magical world? Well, they have their own books now. The entire series will appear in the next few months, starting with Tiffany Tumbles in August.  Here’s the cover and the cover copy: Recently fired from her job as an Interim […]

The Entire Fates Trilogy Available!

For years, readers have asked for the books following Simply Irresistible. But the previous publisher wouldn’t release the rights, so we couldn’t publish them. The rights have finally come back and now, for the first time in years, all three books in the Fates Trilogy are back in print! They also have appropriate covers for the […]

Utterly Charming On Sale!

This week, if you have an e-reader, you can buy a copy of the first book in my Charming series, Utterly Charming, for 99 cents. If you have a Kindle, go directly to  If you have a different kind of e-reader, go directly to Sourcebooks’ website, and you’ll find a discounted version of the book in […]

New Books, A New Cover, and News

In September, Sourcebooks will publish Charming Blue, the story of Bluebeard. Yes, that Bluebeard. We’re calling him a killer Prince Charming. Those of you who read Wickedly Charming have already met him, and you’re probably wondering how he can be a hero. The answer will arrive at the end of the summer. In the meantime, here’s the […]