Called “The Reigning Queen of Paranormal Romance” by Best Reviews, bestselling author Kristine Grayson (also known by her real name, Kristine Kathryn Rusch) has made a name for herself publishing light, slightly off-skew romance novels about Greek Gods, fairy tale characters, and the modern world.

Her novel Utterly Charming, won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award. Her novel Wickedly Charming, which appeared in May of 2011, is based on “The Charming Way.”

WMG Publishing is releasing a series of omnibuses from her popular Fates Universe novels during the course of spring, 2019. The Charming Trilogy, Vol. 1 and The Fates Trilogy are available now; next comes The Daughters of Zeus in May, followed by The Charming Trilogy Vol. 2 in June. The last omnibus will contain the first new Grayson novel in years, Hidden Charm, releasing in June 2019.

As Kristine Grayson, she also edits the romance volumes of Fiction River: An Original Anthology Magazine.

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Praise for Kristine Grayson

“With her series of magical romances, Kristine Grayson has carved out her own special and unique place in the romance genre.”
Romantic Times

“The reigning queen of paranormal romance.”
The Best Reviews

“…[Kristine Grayson] will have a long and glorious career.”

“Kristine Grayson gives ‘happily ever after’ her own unique twist!”
—Kasey Michaels

Praise for Wickedly Charming

“Have you ever wondered what Prince Charming would be like when he’s middle-aged, divorced, and a book nerd?  Or how vampires became sexy heroes?  Learn the delicious truth in Wickedly Charming, Kristine Grayson’s wickedly entertaining new paranormal romance.  Light, witty, and original, Wickedly Charming is also a wry insider’s view of publishing and the heady delights of being a booklover.  Treat yourself to some wicked good fun!”
—Mary Jo Putney
New York Times bestselling author

Praise for Totally Spellbound

“Rounding out her Fates trilogy, the spellbinding Grayson again gives readers their money’s worth by taking the familiar and turning it on its ear, with humor and charm.”
Romantic Times Bookclub

Praise for Absolutely Captivated

“Grayson has created a world that is so rich and humorous, it is sure to provide the basis for many more novels.”
Romantic Times Bookclub

“This novel sparkles, sizzles and explodes!”
Romantic Times Bookclub

“Kristine Grayson paints a vivid picture of Las Vegas, the glitzy tourist side, the seedier side that the tourists don’t see, and the parts that are inhabited by faeries and the mage.  The characters are just as colorful (sometimes literally) and just as well drawn.”
Romance Review Today

“For a book that’s magical, in more ways than one, be sure to pick up Absolutely Captivated.”
Romance Review Today

“Fans of fantasy romance will find Absolutely Captivated simply irresistible.”
—Harriet Klausner

Barnes and

“An excellent story that’s every bit as good as the previous volumes in this engaging series, Absolutely Captivated is not to be missed.”
The Best Reviews

“It will definitely go on my keeper shelf.”
The Best Reviews

Praise for Simply Irresistible

“Zany and over-the-top, this playful novel is a delight.”
Publishers Weekly

“The fourth in Grayson’s series of contemporary fantasy romances is an enchanting blend of sweet romance, mythology, and magic as she puts her own unique magical stamp on figures from Greek myths and fairy tales, including a deliciously over-the-top supervillain and a hero who inspired the creation of Superman.  And Grayson’s clever, humor-tinged writing is absolutely delightful.”

“A magically sweet romance.”

Simply Irresistible lives up to its name! Vivian and Dexter are a delight and true soulmates.  Danger, humor, and passion are all here and in full force.”
—RT Bookclub Top Pick

“Readers will find Simply Irresistible simply irresistible.”
The Best Reviews

“The lead couple is a charmed pair who one does not need a crystal ball to feel they belong together.  However the three Fates and the new wave substitutes turn Kristine Grayson’s fun plot into a jocular joyful experience.”
—The Best Reviews

Praise for Completely Smitten

“The third contemporary fantasy romance by Grayson is the best yet.”
Locus Magazine

“Watching the romance play out is plenty of fun.”
Locus Magazine

“Read and enjoy.”
The Best Reviews

Praise for Thoroughly Kissed

“This fractured fairy tale is original, humorous, and fun-loving.”
Romantic Times

“Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming, Snow White, and Grumpy all populate this magical tale.  I was thoroughly charmed by Ms. Grayson’s imaginative story.”
Rendezvous Magazine

Praise for Utterly Charming

“A snappy, fast-paced read that is indeed utterly charming.”
—Debbie Macomber

“Magical and sweet…I was charmed.”
—Susan Andersen

“This light-hearted romance stands behind its title 100%.”
The Romance

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