The Christmas Cheer Bundle that Dean Wesley Smith curated. This bundle, courtesy of Storybundle, has everything holiday. I can’t say it’s everything Christmas, because Maggie Lynch contributed a book that has three holiday novellas, one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and one for New Year’s. The bundle contains Christmas ghosts, courtesyContinue Reading

Kristine Grayson here: I’ve been so busy finishing up two major projects before I teach the mystery workshop next week that I almost forgot to tell you my big news! Crystal Caves, the second book in the Interim Fates series, just appeared today. A writer shouldn’t love one baby moreContinue Reading

Kristine Grayson here: Today’s a big day for me. Tiffany Tumbles, the first in the Interim Fates series, hits print. Getting Tiffany in front of you readers took some work—and I don’t just mean the writing. The Interim Fates appeared one afternoon as I wrote the Fates series under myContinue Reading

I’ve had so much to do this year that I had to scramble to write a new Kristine Grayson holiday romance before the holidays began. I had written two before, and I really wanted to get the third to you before the season began. Dressed in Holiday Style is loosely related to theContinue Reading

I’m happy to share that the audiobook of Absolutely Captivated is now available. Narrated by the delightful Kendra Hoffman, who also read Totally Spellbound and Completely Smitten for WMG Publishing.

For years, readers have asked for the books following Simply Irresistible. But the previous publisher wouldn’t release the rights, so we couldn’t publish them. The rights have finally come back and now, for the first time in years, all three books in the Fates Trilogy are back in print! They alsoContinue Reading

So many of you have asked when you’ll get to see Sancho’s story–and here it is. Sancho is the romantic lead in Completely Smitten. I’ve just published an excerpt, with ordering information, here on the website. Enjoy!

This week, if you have an e-reader, you can buy a copy of the first book in my Charming series, Utterly Charming, for 99 cents. If you have a Kindle, go directly to  If you have a different kind of e-reader, go directly to Sourcebooks’ website, and you’ll find a discountedContinue Reading